We love the social entrepreneurship of Toms, the company that famously “has a buy one give one” approach to shoes and eyewear. We have a similLife Is Precious Nano shirt layoutar philosophy  with women’s, men’s and kids line of shirts and hats featuring a powerful sentiment: LIP Life Is Precious.

For every shirt or hat that is purchased, we will give one to a member of a community in need. After a crisis. After a natural disaster. To begin to return a sense of love . hope . happiness.

Our stylish line of shirts and baseball caps will not only be something you will be proud to wear, but they will also provide “heartwarming”  outreach to those most in need.

Shirts and hats will be available for purchase January 9, 2013. The first delivery of community shirts will go to citizens in Newtown, Connecticut for Valentine’s Day 2013.