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The Movement Begins!

In our first 48 hours on Facebook, LIP Life Is Precious has already racked up close to 100 Likes and the word is spreading.

We also met yesterday about how to spread the word — and the love — with one of my favorite cohorts in crime, Cathy Friedman.

We will have exciting news to share the week of December 31 on our “Tom’s Shoes” concept and how we will bring love . hope . happiness to those in need in communities worldwide!

LIP Life Is Precious

life is precious tshirt 1

Hearts broke around the world when children and adults in Newtown Connecticut senselessly lost their lives.

In this same year, two events — one tragic and one miraculous — happened to people I care about personally.
In the first, another young man lost his short and brilliant life much too soon.
In the second, a friend’s life was saved when he received an organ transplant after years of waiting.
These events, while not related, all pointed to one simple but resounding truth: Life Is Precious.

Please join us in bringing the LIP Life Is Precious movement to communities like Newtown in need of a  little love . hope . happiness.

How you can help:
– follow this blog.
– “Like” LIP Life Is Precious on Facebook.
– And share this post or our FB page with your network!