LIP Life is Precious rocks

Hearts broke around the world when children and adults in Newtown
Connecticut senselessly lost their lives. The feeling of hopelessness and
despair each of us felt for those touched by this incident was unimaginable.

Every day, unexpected events occur in our lives and the lives of others. Some are tragic, others miraculous.

They happen to us personally, to those we care about, to our friends and neighbors in other communities, to complete strangers.

They may be natural disasters, unspeakable community crises or personal defeats.

They may be health miracles, everyday blessings,  or “pay it forward” acts of human kindness.

And yet, these events, while not related, all pointed to one simple but resounding truth: Life Is Precious.

Please join us in bringing the LIP Life Is Precious movement to communities in need of a little love . hope . happiness.

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